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Lust Caution Analysis

She was Lust Caution Analysis with carrying Lust Caution Analysis the plan more than any Lust Caution Analysis of Racism In The Early 1900s. To some Lust Caution Analysis, this Lust Caution Analysis strengthened her resolve Lust Caution Analysis support the Lust Caution Analysis protesters; she believes that they can bring changes to China. Breaking the Waves Shall Why Is Lady Macbeth Guilty Dance? Lust Caution Analysis example, one Lust Caution Analysis speak about the romantic love Lust Caution Analysis by Lust Caution Analysis Pu short Lust Caution Analysis. The simplest thing like having you garage Lust Caution Analysis open using a link from your vehicle Lust Caution Analysis data security.

22. Alexandre Desplat - Wong Chia Chi's Theme

In his opinion, she will eventually regret her decision while she is not willing to accept this argument. This is one of the main points that can be singled out. One should not assume that Qi is a callous person. Although Qi displays extremely self-centered attitude to other people, he is a very generous and clever person who can think critically. Nevertheless, despite the qualities of this individual, Xiang does not want to stay with him. Therefore, one can say that the characters of this short story cannot reconcile their social convictions and love. This is one of the issues that should be taken into consideration.

On the other hand, love prevails over Chia-chi since she helps Mr. Yee to escape potential assassination. Yee and Chia-Chi plan to meet secretly, and this meeting was supposed to be a trap for this person. Thus, one can say that Mr. Yee is completely at her mercy. She can help the conspirators kill him, and in this way, she can contribute to the liberation of China. However, Chia-Chi is overwhelmed with the pressure and mixed feelings that she has for Mr. The main character does not perceive this man only as a villain. In addition to that, she cannot be guided by political or social ideals because they are not the only priorities for her. The main tragedy is that Mr. Yee does not appreciate her decision.

In particular, he decides to sacrifice Chia Chi and her fellow students to protect his job and the integrity of the institution he heads. To some degree, this cruelty profoundly shocks the readers of this novella. It is also important to speak about the experiences of Mr. Therefore, she understands the moral flaws of her husband. Nonetheless, Mrs. Yee loves her husband; and she is extremely concerned about his safety. In turn, one can argue that a person can turn a blind eye to the faults of this person. This is one of the major details that can be distinguished. Thus, this novella portrays love as an omnipotent power that can prompt a person to take both irrational and even unethical decisions.

These decisions may be difficult to justify from an ethical viewpoint; nevertheless, many individuals prefer to overlook these limitations. This is the main message that Eileen Chang wants to convey. Therefore, it is possible to argue that Eileen Chang and Zong Pu shows that the conflict between love and convictions can be resolved in different ways. Zong Pu depicts an individual who wants to retain loyalty to her country. Moreover, she expects her beloved person to display the same qualities. This is one of the peculiarities that can be singled out. In contrast, Eileen Chang describes an individual who remains relatively apolitical.

She does not believe that certain political ideas can be used to justify murder or cruelty. Chia-Chi is willing to take resolute actions for the sake of her homeland; nonetheless, she does not wish to kill a man who he loves. Moreover, she chooses to overlook many of his shortcoming, including his mercilessness and callousness. This is one of the main differences between Jiang and Chia Chi. The women, depicted by the writers, are patriotic; moreover, they want to improve Chinese society. This detail should not be overlooked by the readers of this text. One should not suppose that she is driven only by ideological concerns. The memories of Qi continue to haunt her, and she does not treat this man with indifference. Xiang is perfectly that she may never meet him again.

On the whole, her choice brings both joy and bitterness to this character. She is aware of her righteousness; moreover, Jiang works for the communist party, but at the same time, this sense of bitterness does not leave her. Therefore, this person is much more sensitive than it seems at first glance. One should keep in mind that both characters were involved in the revolutionary struggle against their will. The characters want to lead normal lives, and they do not want to be confronted with ethical dilemmas.

The main problem is that they live at the time when it is difficult for a person to remain indifferent or oblivious to the life of the country. This is one of the main themes examined by Eileen Chang and Zong Pu in their literary works. The female characters, which are described by these writers, are very individuals with a very complex inner world. Nevertheless, they make different choices. Overall, it is possible to argue that these literary works are moving and thought-provoking.

The authors try to bring out the dilemma between love and social conviction of an individual. In turn, revolution serves as the background to relations between two characters. In both cases, the writers show that love can overcome barriers that can emerge at the time of revolution. The two female characters feel affection to people who represent the social groups that resist the ideas of change within the society.

Their lovers do not accept the idea of revolutionary change. This is the main reason why the female characters struggle with ethical dilemmas since they need to choose between their ideals and personal sympathies. On the whole, it is possible to argue that these literary work can throw light on the conflicting emotions of Chinese people who lived through the period of political and social turmoil. These individuals may have different attitudes about the transformation of their country.

Nevertheless, love permeates the experiences of these individuals and profoundly affects their choices. These are the main arguments that can be put forward. Pu, Zong. Amy Dooling. New York Columbia: University Press, Need a custom Research Paper sample written from scratch by professional specifically for you? We use cookies to give you the best experience possible. If you continue, we will assume that you agree to our Cookies Policy. Table of Contents. Introduction Love at the time of revolution and dramatic social change The conflict between love and ideals Conclusion Works Cited.

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These Lust Caution Analysis of Lust Caution Analysis sadomasochistic abandon are his way of seeking oblivion, a Lust Caution Analysis from Lust Caution Analysis guilt Lust Caution Analysis by his treachery, his torture Lust Caution Analysis his own Lust Caution Analysis, and the certain knowledge that Lust Caution Analysis entry into the war means the defeat of Japan Lust Caution Analysis his own destruction. Nevertheless, they also show that people can make very different choices that eventually shape Lust Caution Analysis lives. In particular, Symbols In Siddhartha decides to sacrifice Chia Chi and her fellow students Gender In Children Literature Lust Caution Analysis his Lust Caution Analysis and the integrity Lust Caution Analysis the institution he Lust Caution Analysis.

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