⌛ Advantages And Disadvantages Of Social Networking Sites

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Advantages And Disadvantages Of Social Networking Sites

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The Advantages \u0026 Disadvantages of Social Networking

By paying attention to what veterans and active-duty service members post on social media, we can recognize the warning signs of suicide and intervene. When examining the social media posts of individuals who committed suicide for 30 days before their death, those who take their lives write updates about relationship issues, generalized stress, and less overall anger compared to their previous posts. Social networking can help people find new jobs.

That happens because these positions go to someone who already knows somebody else. Connecting to employers, past associates, or even family on a platform like LinkedIn makes it possible to access this hidden job market. Talent communities allow you to prove through the use of endorsements that you have the necessary skills to fill an open position. This process creates an opportunity where an interested employer might approach you for an interview because your profile looks too good to ignore. It is useful as a marketing tool. Anyone can use social networking as a form of marketing. Even academic institutions use this platform to promote their research and information gleaned from experiments or clinical studies.

It offers access to a community with transformative powers, making it possible to reach new audiences or connect with unique demographics that would normally not be available from a traditional centralized distribution point. It is a way to inform interested parties about what is going on along every step of the process, including an offer of help to the faculty involved as they examine issues and seek feedback. Social networking can be an enormous fundraiser. Crowdfunding through social media can help people find the money they require for specific situations that were not available to them before.

This design makes it possible for people to get more involved, helping households raise the amount of money they contribute to charitable causes each year. It allows you to be yourself. People who are more grounded with authentic values as humans are less likely to be heavy users of social media. Abstain from using any of these platforms for at least a week. Remove the apps from your mobile device. Then you can come back to be yourself once again. It creates content which cannot be entirely deleted. If you decide that something you wish to share on your social networking site sends the wrong message, it may be too late to delete the post.

People can share your post while it is live, take screenshots of it to send to their networks, and verify its existence in other ways too. With facial recognition software improving, even those who separate their professional lives from their personal activities will discover that these links continue on indefinitely. Those posts, if they are found to be offensive, could stop you from getting a job — even if the information is several years old. Social networking can endanger the lives of people. Activists, journalists, and active-duty military members all have their lives placed at-risk because of the structure of social networks.

Instant news updates require these professionals to discuss information before being properly vetted. Insurgents use these platforms to publicize their causes, which promotes radicalism on a global scale. People who have a reputation for sharing critical information have become high-value targets in the modern battlefield, making it easier than ever before to inadvertently venture into dangerous situations. It creates an association with depression with frequent use. In a survey of almost 1, adults between the ages of , researchers asked about social media use and depressions.

Participants for the survey were recruited through addressed-based sampling and random digit dialing. People who fell into the highest quartile of social media use had a significantly increased risk of depression when compared to those in the lowest group. They are also used by businesses and various other organizations to promote products, brands, people, events, and to disseminate information and update groups of followers with shared interests.

Social networking sites have brought with them many benefits, but also downsides. I've listed what I consider to be the main advantages and disadvantages below. When a human being becomes a set of data on a website like Facebook, he or she is reduced. Everything shrinks. Individual character. Public domain image via Pixabay. These days young kids don't have any place to form an epic adventure. It's more often in front of the TV screen or a laptop. That's very hard on them. They're being taught daily unsocial skills. Facebook is an unsocial skill. It's so sad.

Nice and very informative, it is all the matter of perspective and how you utilize it. Thank you for sharing. Once you get addicted you can't get off them. You can't spend even one day without them. At the same time its heplful too. Thanks for a very interesting hub! I would like to add one more point on the advantages side, which is maybe not so well known, but absolutely significant.

Social media is a great communication tool following disasters, such as earthquakes, hurricanes, etc. I was in the Philippines during and after Supertyphoon Haiyan devastated large regions of the country, and almost all of the private relief efforts were coordinated through Facebook. People set up groups to exchange information, ask for help, and guide relief efforts to specific regions. I had always been a Facebook sceptic before that, but that experience opened my eyes to the huge benefits FB provides in the form of sophisticated communication and networking tools.

Social networking site offer a visual world where a person are free create a fantasy persona and pretend to become someone else. These limits the face to face socialization between individual and end-up will cripple the soft skill development of one. For example, facebook allow us an individual to connect with our cyber friend without physically being there and this will unable us to polish or develop our soft skill. Risk of fraud or identity theft is the second disadvantages of social networking site. Whether we like it or not we have to share our personal information whenever we sign up to new social networking website, even though it is told that our personal information will be private and confidential.

How can we ensure that our personal information is secure, actually we can never be sure about these. A hacker can actually easily hack to our account and obtain our personal information and turn our cyber life into a nightmare. As an example, a hacker can hack to our account and change our password, they even might post the things that we will never think off. Cyber bullying and crimes against children is the third disadvantages social networking site. Cyber bullying is an individual can expose to harassment or inappropriate contact from others or the third party. A crime against children is where children could be exposed to pornography or other inappropriate content in the social networking sites even from the search engine itself.

Unless parents are diligent to filter the Internet content to which their kids are exposed from and try to prevent it before something unwanted happen. The forth disadvantages of social networking is time waster. It is true that most of our time is spent in making and maintaining important business, social or professional connections and it is also true that we are easy to become distracted and end up spending valuable time on games, chats or other non-related activities. Facebook users spend about six hours each month on the site, while social networkers spend three times as much time on those communities as they do on other online activities like email. For an example, a student spending their to to do their assignment but end-up play game, watch movie and etc.

The last disadvantage of social networking site is corporate invasion of privacy.

Facebook as an image and video hosting site: We can use facebook as an image and video hosting site. Social Personal Narrative: St. Rita. Advantages and disadvantages of social networking sites essential guide to advantages and disadvantages of social networking sites Film Theory.

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