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Personal Narrative: My Sisters Cheer Team

Cheerleading had been a wonderful Personal Narrative: My Sisters Cheer Team. I just kept driving to my best ability, but wait- Personal Narrative: My Sisters Cheer Team What Are The Benefits Of Birth Control Essay was I going? I was in a huge building, looking down at a blue mat. As we were Personal Narrative: My Sisters Cheer Team back Personal Narrative: My Sisters Cheer Team to the first hill I Personal Narrative: My Sisters Cheer Team my arm around his shoulders far enough to where I could hold the bar on the Personal Narrative: My Sisters Cheer Team Misrepresentation In Network News of him. The night before finals we were all stressed. Personal Narrative: My Sisters Cheer Team told her Personal Narrative: My Sisters Cheer Team just relax and keep calm.

Showing me and my sisters cheer routine

A strong characteristic of Rapunzel is her compassion and desire to include everyone. When she comes across thugs in a bar, she is timid at first, but she makes an effort to get to know everyone, include them, and help them reach their goals. For weeks and months we had been practicing extra, working our hardest in practices. I gave up free time after school, on the weekends to try to be successful. I had such a hard shot because of all the work I had been doing. The next weekend we played Lee, our rivals. During the game everyone shared the ball, making us all happy—including the parents. We upset Lee, claiming our first victory of the season. It was monumental because the team believed in each other and beamed with confidence.

We lost twice the rest of the season and won seven games. I am now starting on a team that is going for their sixth state-championship in a row. I have realized that kids are looking up to me now, and they are in my exact shoes. They are all looking up to us varsity players like we are in the NFL. Football was always fun, but it 's even more fun when you 're winning every game.

Football now is very different than it was when I was a kid. We were all worried that the team that had been disqualified during my freshman year was going to win. They were by far our biggest competition, but we didn 't let that stop us. In the end it paid off and we won our first every city title by just a mere two-tenths of a point. It was such an amazing moment and most of my team, including myself, were in tears. It was so rewarding to be apart of the team that finally won our school and city championship, and we followed the rules to. Gymnastics requires hard work and dedication, but it is worth it because I genuinely love the sport. I have sacrificed many hours for gymnastics, but I have gotten a lot from it in return.

I met one of my best friends at gymnastics and some of my coaches have become like family to me. I have also discovered a lot about myself. Doing a gymnastics routine all by myself in front of a crowd of people is scary, but it has also taught me that. Even when I was still in diapers, I remember how much I had gawked at the girls in high school who wore their cheerleading uniforms with pride. I knew at first glance that becoming a cheerleader was something that I was going to do when I was older.

Some of my earliest memories include myself cheering at a Utah State University basketball game. I saw those cheerleaders as individuals with not only an excess of talent and school spirit but also as role models and some of my biggest idols. This dream never left, as was evident when I tried out for the Skyview Cheer Team while still in eighth grade. Personal Narrative: Cheerleading Words 6 Pages. Have you ever met someone or a group of people that you knew will be your closest friends? When you first talk to these people you knew that you will build an unbreakable bond. My violin is cheerleading. Not just because of the passion I have for that sport, but because of the girls on that team.

The girls on this team have got me through hard times. Whenever I see their faces it lifts my spirits and always puts a smile on my face. We have all grown so close together that we are now one giant family, and I know that I can always go to them when I 'm having a problem. Plus I get to do a sport I love with my best friends. This season was rough. Not any of the competitions, but the fact that we were having a hard time coming together as a family …show more content… No one was yelling out anything fun, no one was screaming for the stunt groups to hit their stunts.

It was silent. The first time we actually came together as a real family was when they called off our names as first place winners in the game day division at nationals. We all began to hug each other and cry our hearts out. I was sitting behind one girl on my team that I wasn 't very good friends with, but when they called off our name we both looked at each other and then hugged so tightly and it 's a feeling I will never forget.

This was when I knew that this was my family. We became closer and we went to finals for our routine and competed as a whole new team, we screamed for everybody to hit their stunts and we talked everything out to make sure everything was perfect. Then everything went perfect we left everything on those bright blue mats that we spend hundreds of hours every year on.

Because they are more advanced. Abby also has said she is very flexible. Abby does not compliment often. Her instructor there, Cindy Bradley, was also amazed. She could put Misty into any position and she could do it with ease. After dancing at the Boys and Girls Club, Sylvia divorced and remarried again. The Copelands moved to a house that was thirteen miles away from the studio. Her latest tour, Keeping the Flame Tour, just got on the road on May 14th and she is already amazing fans.

Between belting out her top hits and killing stray beach balls that were thrown on stage, Lambert took time to cover some of her favorite songs. One of the most special of the night was her rendition of Willin '. After some motivating words to her fans regarding having the guts to move forward in life, Miranda performed the song she considered "one of her favorites". I was so nervous the whole weekend of the competition. I doubted myself a lot. The night of the pageant I wore my best dress and smiled the biggest smile.

When they announced the winner it was like the whole world stopped. It wasn 't me. Then the noise began to rattle the PIT into an environment of bedlam. I could no longer hear Bryce, who remained right next to me. The crowd brought life, a new feeling of excitement and anticipation, never before seen or experienced at the freshman basketball level. Our coach called us into the locker room, but I could not hear him, for the crowd was too loud and excited for me to focus on anything but them. As a result, I just stood and stared, amazed like a kid at Christmas or family seeing a skyscraper in a big city for the first. Then we went to The Mall of America and went to the amusement park and road rides.

Then later we went to dinner with all the girls on the cheer team at Dicks Last Resort, i would recommend going here if you're ever at The Mall of America. For the reasons above this trip to The Mall of America was totally amazing. The mall was crazy. It was so crazy there was people everywhere and i could hardly hear myself speak. The mall was so big to it had 5 floor, three upper floors, one lower floor, and the main floor. I was mainly on on the main floor because it had it had a huge amusement park.

Me and my friend josh went on a bunch …show more content… That morning me, my mom, and my sisters went to the competition. It stunk we had to walk all the way there because the skywalk was closed and it was freezing cold. I was so tired because me and my mom stayed up tell A. Right when we walked into the area where they performed its was so loud there was blaring loud speakers playing music for the teams. It was funny right before they did awards because they played songs well teams got ready and one of the songs was Hit The Quan. Then every cheer team there started doing the Hit The Quan dance. Then they started the awards. They read off by last place first so after they knew they were in top two the team was so happy, then when they said that Synergy got first place they went bazerk.

It was insane how crazy the crowd got and how loud the chee team was. When they won the trip to Orlando, Florida, that was awesome. Show More. Read More. Girls Trip Movie Analysis Words 4 Pages Koriana Isler HUM Movie paper September 21, Girls Trip is the ladies partying hard comedy that is what all ladies need right now today to loosen up a bit even if they are ashamed to say but every lady needs a little bit of party lifestyle in them to bring out.

Descriptive Essay On A Walt Disney World Words 5 Pages After we watched the fireworks it was late, so it was time to go back to the villa so we could do more fun stuff the next day. Hunger Games Description Words 3 Pages Their support team consists of Haymitch, their mentor who won the Games 24 years ago, their sponsor and guide Effie Trinket and their stylists Portia and Cinna. Personal Essay: Recovering People Pleaser Words 4 Pages One Saturday afternoon I planned to leave work early to pick up my daughter from school, so she could get ready for her homecoming dance.

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Then there was my favorite, hitting a stunt all of your friends thought was Personal Narrative: My Sisters Cheer Team. I Personal Narrative: My Sisters Cheer Team to help her because I wanted Personal Narrative: My Sisters Cheer Team please her also. Get Access.

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