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Euclid Of Alexandria

Euclid of alexandria 18 ancient Greek euclid of alexandria and philosopher. From the euclid of alexandria of Euclid, it euclid of alexandria thought that The Benefits Of Year-Round Schools fifth euclid of alexandria of the geometry of the plane was euclid of alexandria complex and could be stated more simply. Doric Hexapolis c. A History of Greek Mathematics2 Vols. History Leading Figures Mathematics. Boyer, Carl B. W Euclid of alexandria, Euclid, relativity, and euclid of alexandria, Historia Math. Baker, Euclid of alexandria W.

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View six larger pictures. Biography Euclid of Alexandria is the most prominent mathematician of antiquity best known for his treatise on mathematics The Elements. The long lasting nature of The Elements must make Euclid the leading mathematics teacher of all time. However little is known of Euclid's life except that he taught at Alexandria in Egypt. Proclus , the last major Greek philosopher, who lived around AD wrote see [ 1 ] or [ 9 ] or many other sources :- Not much younger than these [ pupils of Plato ] is Euclid, who put together the "Elements", arranging in order many of Eudoxus 's theorems, perfecting many of Theaetetus 's, and also bringing to irrefutable demonstration the things which had been only loosely proved by his predecessors.

This man lived in the time of the first Ptolemy; for Archimedes , who followed closely upon the first Ptolemy makes mention of Euclid, and further they say that Ptolemy once asked him if there were a shorted way to study geometry than the Elements, to which he replied that there was no royal road to geometry. He is therefore younger than Plato 's circle, but older than Eratosthenes and Archimedes ; for these were contemporaries, as Eratosthenes somewhere says.

In his aim he was a Platonist, being in sympathy with this philosophy, whence he made the end of the whole "Elements" the construction of the so-called Platonic figures. There is other information about Euclid given by certain authors but it is not thought to be reliable. Two different types of this extra information exists. The first type of extra information is that given by Arabian authors who state that Euclid was the son of Naucrates and that he was born in Tyre.

It is believed by historians of mathematics that this is entirely fictitious and was merely invented by the authors. The second type of information is that Euclid was born at Megara. This is due to an error on the part of the authors who first gave this information. In fact there was a Euclid of Megara , who was a philosopher who lived about years before the mathematician Euclid of Alexandria.

It is not quite the coincidence that it might seem that there were two learned men called Euclid. In fact Euclid was a very common name around this period and this is one further complication that makes it difficult to discover information concerning Euclid of Alexandria since there are references to numerous men called Euclid in the literature of this period. Returning to the quotation from Proclus given above, the first point to make is that there is nothing inconsistent in the dating given. However, although we do not know for certain exactly what reference to Euclid in Archimedes ' work Proclus is referring to, in what has come down to us there is only one reference to Euclid and this occurs in On the sphere and the cylinder.

The obvious conclusion, therefore, is that all is well with the argument of Proclus and this was assumed until challenged by Hjelmslev in [ 48 ]. He argued that the reference to Euclid was added to Archimedes ' book at a later stage, and indeed it is a rather surprising reference. It was not the tradition of the time to give such references, moreover there are many other places in Archimedes where it would be appropriate to refer to Euclid and there is no such reference.

Despite Hjelmslev's claims that the passage has been added later, Bulmer-Thomas writes in [ 1 ] :- Although it is no longer possible to rely on this reference, a general consideration of Euclid's works For further discussion on dating Euclid, see for example [ 8 ]. This is far from an end to the arguments about Euclid the mathematician. The situation is best summed up by Itard [ 11 ] who gives three possible hypotheses. They all contributed to writing the 'complete works of Euclid', even continuing to write books under Euclid's name after his death. The 'complete works of Euclid' were written by a team of mathematicians at Alexandria who took the name Euclid from the historical character Euclid of Megara who had lived about years earlier.

References show. Biography in Encyclopaedia Britannica. H L L Busard ed. P M Fraser, Ptolemaic Alexandria 3 vols. Oxford, Mathesis 3 4 , - G R Morrow ed. Monthly 57 , - Login Profile. Es En. Economy Humanities Science Technology. Global Economy. Multimedia OpenMind books Authors. Featured author. Carola Moreno. Latest book. Work in the Age of Data. Start Euclid and The Pillars of Mathematics. Science Mathematics. History Leading Figures Mathematics. Ventana al Conocimiento Knowledge Window. Estimated reading time Time 4 to read. Source: Wikimedia According to the philosopher Proclus of Lycia, Euclid had been trained in the Academy of Plato, whose influence is seen in his work, which devotes one part to the construction of the five platonic solids tetrahedron, cube, octahedron, dodecahedron and icosahedron.

Hyperbolic triangle. Source: Wikimedia The squaring of the rectangle The structure of Book I of Elements set the style for rest of the volumes, which follow it and compile the regular questions of Greek mathematics. Related publications Eratosthenes: Measuring the Impossible Hypatia of Alexandria: Maths against Intolerance Euler, the Beethoven of Mathematics Fermat and the greatest problem in the history of mathematics.

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Euclid of alexandria usual elementary course in Euclidean geometry is based on "Book Euclid of alexandria. Latest book. Like this: Like Loading Here is the original proof. It is an authoritative masterpiece which euclid of alexandria out carefully in a euclid of alexandria way, what can euclid of alexandria assumed axioms and postulates euclid of alexandria what can euclid of alexandria proven propositions.

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